Doing more for our clients

We work with myHSA, a technology company who is our Health Spending Account supplier (Through Wiegers Financial & Benefits, there is no set-up fee because we set up our clients’ HSAs internally, and allows for both ease of administration as well as competitive pricing). MyHSA is also a technologically advanced option, and allows for claims to be submitted and reimbursed electronically, saving both time and effort.

myHSA is also:

Easy for Employees

  • The myHSA smartphone App allows you to submit claims on-the-go
  • Claims are paid regularly via direct deposit
  • Balances and claim history available via the app.
  • Simple provider lookup available online

Easy for Plan Administrators

  • Easy administration with an easy-to-navigate web portal
  • Quickly see plan usage with reporting
  • With pre-authorized debit, there is no worrying about your account balance to pay employee claims
  • Easy set-up and allocation as employees are walked through it upon initial login
  • Can generate real time taxability reports for Wellness Spending Accounts

Easy for Owners

  • Less employee time spent on claim submission
  • Less plan administer time spent on upkeep
  • Improved and real-time reporting so you can see where your dollars are being spent
  • No set-up fees


Quick and to the point, this video is a great tool and reference to demonstrate an employee experience of claiming: