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Optional Life Insurance is a benefit offered through attractive group plans. Employees can, if they choose, purchase life insurance over-and-above the insurance provided through their group plan. It is an attractive benefit to both employers and employees alike. It allows employers to control rising benefits costs, while employees are provided with the ability to customize life insurance coverage to their individual needs.

Optional Life Insurance often has the following features:

  • It is available to individual employees
  • Proof of health is required with the insurance application
  • It is most always funded by employee contributions
  • It is often available to an employee’s spouse and dependent children

Why would you want Optional Life Insurance?

  • It is an inexpensive way to fully meet your life insurance needs
  • If you terminate employment with your current employer prior to the age at which your group life insurance automatically terminates, you can convert your coverage to an individual plan without having to provide proof of good health.

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