Healthcare From the Comfort and Safety of Home

The importance of being able to access healthcare from home has never been so important.  The COVID-19 pandemic is overwhelming Canada’s healthcare system as the number of infected Canadians continues to rise.  At the same time, Canadians continue to need help from doctors and other healthcare professionals for the same reasons as always.  Long wait times in potentially unsafe environments are the norm, and are wanted by no one.

Imagine, though, having a virtual health service that lets you skip the wait and travel time to see a healthcare professional.   Imagine being able to get the help you need over the phone or video chat.  That service is now available through Wiegers Financial & Benefits’ preferred virtual healthcare provider Wello.  And, when purchased through Wiegers Financial & Benefits, Wello comes with a significant price discount.  

Wello Virtual Healthcare can be purchased in one of two ways:

  1. By individuals and/or families. Use the password “wellodiscount2020” for the discounted monthly price of $9.00 single or $15.00 family.  Click here to Buy Now!
  2. By employers to include in their company’s group benefits plan.  Please contact us for information about the discount available, and how to get started.  For a limited time, get your first month free!

Wello Virtual Healthcare provides employees with direct and friendly access to healthcare and wellness via phone or video chat – from anywhere in Canada.  Its team of in-house clinicians helps employees skip the line at the doctor’s office when they need quick access to:

  • Medical diagnosis
  • Prescriptions and requisitions
  • Specialist referrals
  • Mental health support
  • Chronic illness management and prevention
  • Health coaching and advice
  • Help to navigate the Canadian healthcare system

In order to secure the discount, please note that a commitment is required.  Please contact us for more information!