March, 2021

The Future is Flexible: Flex Benefits for Employee Wellness

The Future is Flexible: Flex Benefits for Employee Wellness A proper employee benefits program is a quintessential tool in helping to ensure employee health and well-being. As long as your employees utilize the program, it can help keep them healthy, happy, and focused at work.
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February, 2021

How Planning for Your Financial Success is Good for Your Health

If you’re like many Canadians – four out of ten of them, to be exact – you feel stressed when you think about money.  And while some stress is not necessarily problematic, chronic stress can lead to:
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January, 2021

How Benefits Can Help Bolster Your Employees’ Mental Health AND Your Company’s Bottom Line

What Mental Health Is and Why It Can’t Be Ignored Most of us have heard – probably more than a few times – that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.  There’s no denying the truth of that but increasingly, and all the more during the COVID-19
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March, 2020

Unpacking Critical Illness Insurance and Why It Matters

No one wants to be told they have a terminal or critical illness. If you suffer from a heart attack, stroke, or cancer you could lead a normal life again. However, you need to plan for the financial cost of surviving a life-altering illness.
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February, 2020

Writing a Will Before Baby is Born: A Step-by-Step Guide for Expectant Parents

The transition from being child-free to becoming a new parent is one of the best times to evaluate how you want your baby to be raised in the future. While preparing for baby, expectant parents should think about all possible outcomes relating to their future beyond which colour to paint
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January, 2020

The Future of Your Farm’s Estate: Top 6 Considerations

As a Canadian farmer, you’ve lived through your fair share of unpredictability. Whether it was the farm crisis or one too many years of lackluster harvests, you took your farm through the worst combinations Mother Nature and the markets could throw at you, beating the odds to build something your
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